"yes we're open"

(after “Analogue”1 )

lining & trimming
everything for men hard
to get items cash used

jewelry come back adding
machines serve yourself
we have ice family meats

meats meats meats fresh
everyday instant
repair must

sell all make
offer & save we
drop off pick up

one hour photo fade
shave boys cut flat top senior citizen
the end is near

please remember to return
child welcome
permanent eyeliners top & bottom

soft hair it relaxes
we accept stamps
true desires of beauty

does not fade in water
half off new issues & prints
unisex images peep world

cosmos for rent
boys for rent
citizens for rent
everything for
men for rent
we sell at cheap price

quality & reliability
soft hair
permanent eyelashes
permanent lip liner
live poultry
last wash

suckling pigs
true desires
with two time
FREE retouch electrical
appliances for the home
it relaxes yes

we’re open
entire store now
88 cents on special

child issues
drop off pick up
money is life

please remember to return
please money
please remember money

is near pick up
drop off remember
money is the end



1 In the late 1990s, artist Zoe Leonard began documenting urban life in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Using a 1940s Rolleiflex camera she captured vanishing mom-and-pop stores and their neglected products, as well as their re-emergence via recycled merchandise in Cuba, Africa, Eastern Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East.

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