"Assessing Blame"

by Brad Garber

It looks like alcohol was not a factor the dog having been fed and all potted plants damp
and erect but so mud was a telling factor even though no helmet was being worn F-11’s
screaming overhead and geese migrating in deafening decibels so the investigation
remains open while forgotten barbeques are incinerating the Puffies and Buffies all the
coyotes laughing in the rushes with cuisine in their craws because the oil was too high in
the pail and the hit-and-run was in blinding rain the snow tires worn past Lincoln’s eyes
and who could have seen the alleyway under the toilet and it could have been a Norovirus
outbreak that led to the overflow but it is impossible to sue an oyster for being itself so he
must have been glad to have been wearing a seatbelt when hit by the meteorite all fire
and ice cancelling themselves to the concept of zero found in Sumeria or some other
oasis of thought and the blame will be on pot or too much wealth because you never
know how Twinkies can rip a mind into pieces disintegrating rubber under foot forcing
you into babies on sidewalks your cigarette burning through the mattress and into the
lungs of children but the knife was not yours and was too short anyway and without a
license to ride you are begging for murder the fish oil clogging everything including that
word he said in 1969 when on acid so she missed the coronation and ended up under a
bridge fishing for catfish with her un-lotioned and un-cleansed hands the germs having
run amok and laughing in their universe about the vagaries of protection and how death
lurks in the garbage the unwashed worlds of infection looming in alleyways and
uncleaned silverware all glistening in the light but it could have been sex in the car
because the accelerator was confused with the elusive brake.


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