"Verdant and Fungible the Beat, Alpha to Omega Familiar"



we pour into cities and out the grand battement stretch
bold quelled the untouched night
with unfinished business

Recite it, narrate it, lament the waves. Is this a revelation? Maybe. Here’s
the beat. Biological complex systems turn robust when perturbation
occurs; stop codons are silenced, code translation compromised. Genetic
variation follows with a sweep and tuck mechanism deleting harmful
alleles, leaving behind a small subset (of proteins folded into the prion
state) for future selection and adaptation. Molecular mechanisms that tap
into these variations are called capacitors. Once adaptation has occurred,
capacitors disappear. The potent levels of evolvability within a living
organism are indeed humbling; they conceal or reveal, transcribing
and translating as necessary in order to survive and replenish planet Earth.
Royalty, loyalty. History indicates that our ambitions go through similar
pathways. Wake up to perturbation. It is time, because history also
indicates that future prospects for the longevity of the human race have

                                               wake up wizard

the beat has joined the apocryphal

The more optimization, the more structure is laid out. That rigs the
adaptive streak; we are then among ourselves, living. That’s capital.
However, a lived past is not the remembered past, said the 100 thousand
sages. The computational framework of the human mind is faceless and
fearless. Input and output are local and global, light patterns too. Save
wire, map out the gene to gene ticks at functional groupings within the
particulars of a nucleus. Activated genes are in the limelight, they reform
the schools baby, such a computational universe, baby. Recite or narrate
as you wish. Remember, confession begs resistance while connection
blesses. Multi-stages are necessary, sensory and motor mechanisms too.
Remember, rules are not objectives but means. They may ripen into ends
if we work them. To be in conflict with the real is crush I would not want
to do without. Un-sayable measures drive it.

                             granted we evolved into language and empathy

                    consciousness integrates adapts overcomes
                               this and that still self-referential
                                                            blurring process

             caught between what happened and what is
          human construct or was and why

                        we shame based before and after the Ottoman

The accused now a speck in Kessab Syria, Konya, Rwanda; the events,
self-organizing systems:

- synthetic: the story is different from the parts as the parts reinforce
   or undermine each other.

- univocal: the system bares a linguistic or otherwise committed and
   accountable voice.

- dynamic: affirmative, intentional, willful, a correlated collective.

Remember, correlation is not causation, the revolutionary includes the
counter-revolutionary, history-wise and science-wise. Let’s explore
regulation too. Does it have purpose? If so, is there a developmental basis
to it? Through historically limbic sinews we’ll proceed without high hopes
for a thereafter. Not after a philosophy or theory or ideology dialectic, but
for the beat of a song, heard from somewhere not readily available. It will
suffice, that elsewhere will, where illusion is disrobed for the matrimonial
bed of a will that seeks connection through transformation. A will at rest
with being, unaffected by meaning or knowing, laughing while familiar
impossibilities continue to reflect its shadow. Fast, free, friendly, rigid,
digit, tacit tidbit of love matter, gender and other tender benders dis-
covered and done with.

feed on mass gaps and symmetry breaks
open ended towards fresh mechanism
the consensual ushers in

                           wave systems optimizing view
                        quantum and crypto

Feed on the dynamic of oscillatory and multi-stable systems that seek
cohesion,   visco-elasticity   and spatial   or   temporal   heterogeneity.
Incremental changes follow. Such mechanisms have provided animal
development over the past 500 million years, creating, maintaining and
distributing variation over time. A montage is being lived. A community
cannot be acknowledged without addressing the beat at the margins. We
need networks + research + access. Consider the European robin. It
detects Earth’s magnetic field through light triggered chemical processes:
a photon is absorbed by a nucleus; the resulting spin couples with a set
of electrons to create chemical reactions that read the generated magnetic
field; the superposition and entanglement of the spin are maintained for
microseconds so the robin detects the magnetic field, and assumes

                     what one can do with such a system even in vacuum
                               with flanges + pumps + gaskets + material

                                                                   plus the human

Enough of the full scale, social, familial promoting of terrorism and
ignorance. Let’s maintain orbit. Cultural legacies matter but are not
indelible. When we unwind meaning, a recognizable interior emerges. No
one makes it alone, said the 100 thousand sages. Language is need we
satisfy using the technology of words, psychology perturbing ontology,
ontology perturbing back. We’ll remain lost to one -ness (god) and more -
ness (greed); otherwise we’re political traps to the reel we call life.

otherwise I’m robot for some generalized anxiety
slave to coals so gently un-mattered
wasting coal wasting heat

Neither self nor memory can be sold, bought, owned or exchanged.
Covenant is predicament nature longs for. I see a white hole a-temporal
but also spatial, outside of time yet under its influence. I bow to it to some
extent but also resist, timid at the many thresholds of intentionality I butt
against. That is all I can embrace for now – Einstein’s prestomorphic (see
also the Qur’an). Obliterating individuality keeps me within the order of
the Universe, at where Virilio’s theory of catastrophe and Klein’s analysis
of disaster capitalism meet. There, I question:

- whether technology and the media’s colonization of time and space do,
   in fact, lead to a singularity of infinite density, which (like a black hole
   crashing matter into oblivion) has the potential to eventually make
   human life on Earth impossible.

- whether our economic, socio-political and environmental crises need to
   be addressed as tragedy and not as catastrophe; because unlike
   catastrophe, tragedy carries the element of choice; we have choices.

- whether mediation can save us, because when we look for parts of
   ourselves in others, lack is replenished no more.

- whether globalization has rendered humanity homeless having cast us
   into an alien world, or whether we are experiencing the continuum of an
evolving diaspora.

We’ll follow the engines of cognition, we’ll make intelligence happen after
Ranciere: evaluator/selector/planner/consolidator, after change but also
continuity, a continuity seduced by ach aman and yawaili grids. The
historical singularity (and corresponding reducibility) of connecting is
critical. Sleights of mind carried the song before and after the Ottoman.
Call it desire, hope, intention, feeling, go for it, solidarity to sovereignty to
pomp and embarrassment, falling prey to greed all the way through the
senses; there is no gratification in ruminating dis-symmetry or feeding
hierarchy. Remember and recount the narrative of the beat. It will evolve
as necessary for the times. Take heart. What ethical project are you
working on now, is it driven by the amorphous desire to pulsate next to an
“other” or by legality, morality, divinity, metrics?

Consider grid mechanisms. Following recognition, past understanding,
we’ll contextualize. Continents shift as they question language and
narrative. Freedom to choose is humanly, they declare. Epigenetics fires
up conciliations, new theater; Alexander to Caesar to Cleopatra, the glory
of a race longing for more – Anthony, Octavian, what to claim as truth,
what not to claim or believe. A grimace is tonic. Brain fibers display grid-
like patterns as the cows at Lake Baikal wish they could for once redo
their genetic material.
                                                  narration continues

                                            a saddle ride over plains
                                     summoned by the living

Extract nothing from history but all the whats and hows, pink silly
agglutinations decidedly colliding. The very large hadron collider vouches
for that, a tear at the core lending edge, varieties of symmetry as the
symmetry within variety – color charge, electrical charge, magnetic form
factor against momentum. Like neutrons, we continually absorb and emit
potential despite our dysfunctional arrogance. Center exists only at rest;
but we are moving, trounced on shammocks as needed and yes, with
hammocks turned into sails.
                                                       self-preservation rewrites itself

Lindenmayer grammar, Feigenbaum grammar, Fibonacci grammar in and
out the same, differently; autonomy, complexity and reward hand in hand,
co-opted, marginalized or neutralized regardless.

                            do not worry about form said Rumi

yes the reptilian is still around but only as concept
so are the memory and emotion related
neo-cortical lumps

                  what happened to digestion?
                to reference by preference?

the more disconnect the cortex and cerebellum carry
the more space is available for growth

                            adaptability in space requires:

- direction and distance
- landmarks and guides
- path integration
- mental maps

                            hit shift at the pit to rewrite

                    lit to fit ausgang haben

first came the head cells (for direction) some 350 million years ago
then the place cells (more to do with our larger environment)
then grid cells the waterwheel carries
in and out of water

                      memory and ritual allocentric in time

A heron is bleeding, variation is necessary; capitalize on its tradeoffs: the
stabilizing/the disruptive/the directional. We, the beneficiaries of cross-
culturality, and often the victims of the colonization that drives it. Victims
of colonization of planet, people, nature. Consider that. There are no sides
to effects, side effects are effects. My brain is equivalent to those of other
living organisms. How does that sit with me? The sit avails. The crab’s
olfactory lobe computes differently from that of the moth, yet we all – crab
and moth and worm and I – create. Congruence is conformity, harmony,
agreement. Correlation offers relationship. Consider that for orbit.

consider morning as when part of the planet turns to face the sun
consider the coconut crab with lungs instead of a shell
neuro-modulators working its memory

To stay connected to the suchness of memory, reality, phenomenology and
experience   to   evolve   as   part   of   a   biology   that   befriend  s nature,
simultaneously   maintains   ample   terrain   for   new   connections   –
hauntologies – what is new, what is old seeking the poetics behind desire
and what follows – clarity, charity, humility, humidity – compassion, what
about all that?
                                                                        what about magic?
oak tree in the garden simulations tanda
outside of justice backed technologies
verdant and fungible the beat

We have a fear of words like beat, capital, profit. We also have words for
fear. Risk, rather than uncertainty rules our daily. Semiotic thuggery, they
said. To be heard or seen, I must first be willing to shamelessly hear and
see a however/whenever, past the addiction to what I consider production
of capital.

(product and consumption create capital
accumulation follows profit

                       monitors the rate of profit

one’s surplus is an other’s deficit
reason throttles
excess rules)

To date, capitalism is suchly financialized, security and power skillfully
commoditized to reshape social reproduction and maintain a so called
balance for safety. Derivatized and differential living have consequently
multiplied; violence too, and a politically driven administration of fear,
because definitions and ownership are accented. Accumulation towards
future earnings coupled with a convenient dose of security is tantalizing.
So, fear multiplies debt and debt servitude. As we experience impasse, the
fiscal intervenes (the fiscal itself having created the impasse). Structural
weakness is consequently exacerbated, positions  redefined  alongside
colonialism,   and   all   of   resources,   autonomy,   accountability   and
confidentiality utilized against one another.

                                                     - is this manipulation?

How does a country’s GDP fare when identity is politicized, and the legal
and illegal run flip sides of the same diorama, inexorably entrepreneurial?
How do we handle the bloody flux so source culture and the marginalized
coexist? Where are the filters? What is GDP? We have moved from the sub-
atomic to the sub-nuclear. All is relative now, carbon and fit bit related.
Early education feeds adult education. Then there is Silicene (mono-layers
of Silicone); soon it will even more so provide glitter to the computer
industry. But we’ll work with definitions so engagement delivers new
 cantilevers, housing language for an evolving familiarity. Familiarity
breeds compassion. Equity develops cohesively when diversity is
integrated rather than assimilated.

                                       the interviewer wishes a last word here

- which word would you like to pass on to the next generation?
- which word would defy translation?

- anti-capitalism (because I like to categorize when anxiety sets in)
- capitalism (because I like to compete)

- schnell! halt! gyavoor!!

The authoritarian mind insists on a last word, threatened by creativity and
access. Not very many forms of thought germinate after phases of history;
the few that do, seem to comply with that same old greed powered grid,
avoiding the now, leaning on some past, wishing a future, emotion and
sentiment in adjective form dismissed, the sentimental looked down upon
fearing  logic  is  amiss,  forgetting  that  subtlety  and  nuance  provide
structure. What I say to my lover is the song.

Matter and light spin duplicity asserting the need for a what is, root level
but also out there a panacea of sorts, a breeze that caresses loss, salve to
the wound of an unknowing that tracks the night, daily. We, after the dis-
closed,  away  from  fear  based  risk  management,  towards  a  curiosity
pressing against our bones. We ask:

- what is mechanism?
- how does it develop?

- how will it benefit me?

Unveil truth to honor and replace memory, they said; rewriting encourages
paralysis  but  also  potential.   When  we  capitalize  on  potential,  the
psychological perturbs the ontological and vice versa, limits constantly
negotiated. We refrain from reducing it all to modalities and numbers. We
learn to lean towards what we need in order to survive, but how do we
determine what that is? Two themes recur with self-organizing systems.

- development may be the mutual, multiple and continuous interaction of
all levels of a developing system, molecular to cultural.

- development may be defined as a set of nested processes unfolding over
time scales, milli-second to years.

 Change  has  been  and  is  the  status  quo  in  nature.  Stress  provides
plasticity. The stop codon is inactive then, translation is compromised
(prion state); proteins are folding, the dynamical patterning molecules at
work, ‘after evil, before justice’ (Robert Meister). After trauma, luminosity.

- do we need a relationship with the literatures of the world?
- do we need regulatory platforms?

After the citing those curious left the scene. Stop preserving it, persevere
instead. Mornings unfold. Orphanhood, dispersion and regeneration are
life’s concatenations. Events are shaped and reshaped as the event horizon
at any given time-space welcomes us to simply be part of it. I’ll revel in al
. Language, le recit; like light, its beat is anticipatory, out of one,
over to another,  a  social  interaction  in  the  Broca’s  area  of  the  brain.
Physiology   and   syntax   are   related;   the   modular   need   not   assume
impenetrability. Syllable  to  word  to  syntax, the non-linear and linear
interchange as words are expressed, comprehended and responded to.
Syllable to syntax and syntax to syllable, the physics of languages follows
the physics of nature. Minimization and optimization are paramount
because language is penetrable. Its parallel, sequential or multi-level
processes accompany slow to sudden concatenations. They cede the
seeding, looted neurons continually reorganizing to increase surface area
for maximum conductivity. With  more  synapses,  competition  for
metabolites (the desire to be connected) increases; maximum conductivity
enhances adaptability.

                                                         what I say to my lover is the song

                                           God is a spandrel
                                                       so was the G?

as gauge symmetries are unobservable
passively pulled into self and other


     ‘I want to be seen not heard’ they’d said

witness truth reality fact are states not acts
to recite or narrate is the question
we have the right to that

               faintly or saintly misbehaving is it?

                   red white and blue like bleu blanc rouge

                    not really or sometimes perhaps

                (after the citing those curious had left the scene)

Hear, hear. Under complex non-linear systems, particles have materiality
and force. They are also the product of forces. For example, the rho meson
is the resonance of two pi mesons, but the force creating the resonance
comes from the exchange of an rho meson between two pi mesons, and so
on. The relationship between language and culture is similar.

to recite or narrate is the question
we have the right to deuil
though deuil is
                           impossible construct

                    narration continues

         even les evenements are not our own

I want to be seen and heard

je leur donnais le jour he said
le recit c’est mort qui parle

           is this revelation or manipulation?

coming into undifferentiated origins
the will to desire to relate to that
the undoing of that
the denial of that

empathy like language evolving
gardant le regard.



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