Four Poems




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O Dennis Hastert worship other gods say Tom DeLay name the Lord in vain can Roy
              Blunt desecrate the Sabbath you Richard Pombo dishonor thy parents see Joe
              Barton kill
By Thomas Davis commit adultery the Doc Hastings steal dawn’s Thomas Reynolds bear
              false witness early Bob Ney covet light Peter Hoekstra steal
What Bob Goodlatte worship other gods so Henry Hyde desecrate the Sabbath proudly
              William Thomas name the Lord in vain we John Shadegg dishonor thy parents
              hailed Donald Manzullo commit adultery
At Don Young bear false witness the Steve Buyer kill twilight’s Christopher Cox covet last
              David Dreier name the Lord in vain gleaming Jim Nussle steal

Whose John Boehner covet broad Jerry Lewis dishonor thy parents stripes Duncan
              Hunter desecrate the Sabbath and F. James Sensenbrenner commit adultery
              bright Deborah Pryce bear false witness stars Michael Oxley kill
Through Sherwood Boehlert worship other gods the Bob Ney name the Lord in vain
              perilous William Thomas bear false witness night Steve Buyer desecrate the
O’er Henry Hyde steal the Donald Manzullo kill ramparts Sherwood Boehlert worship
              other gods we Roy Blunt commit adultery watched Don Young dishonor thy
Were Jim Nussle covet so John Shadegg steal gallantly Thomas Reynolds commit
              adultery streaming Doc Hastings name the Lord in vain


And John Boehner covet the Thomas Davis kill rocket’s Deborah Pryce dishonor thy
              parents red Duncan Hunter desecrate the Sabbath glare Peter Hoekstra worship
              other gods
The Michael Oxley bear false witness bombs F. James Sensenbrenner steal bursting
              Christopher Cox commit adultery in Bob Goodlatte dishonor thy parents air Tom
              DeLay bear false witness
Gave Dennis Hastert desecrate the Sabbath proof David Dreier covet through Jerry Lewis
              name the Lord in vain the Joe Barton worship other gods night Richard Pombo
That Jim Nussle worship other gods our Bob Ney name the Lord in vain flag Steve Buyer
              desecrate the Sabbath was Christopher Cox kill still Deborah Pryce steal there F.
              James Sensenbrenner dishonor thy parents

O Thomas Davis covet say Duncan Hunter bear false witness does Richard Pombo
              commit adultery that Henry Hyde steal star Michael Oxley ear false witness
              spangled Sherwood Boehlert dishonor thy parents banner David Dreier worship
              other gods yet Jerry Lewis name the Lord in vain wave Donald Manzullo covet
O’er Joe Barton kill the John Boehner commit adultery land Don Young desecrate the
              Sabbath of Peter Hoekstra dishonor thy parents the William Thomas commit
              adultery free Bob Goodlatte desecrate the Sabbath
And Thomas Reynolds worship other gods the Doc Hastings steal home John Shadegg
              covet of Roy Blunt bear false witness the Tom DeLay kill brave Dennis Hastert
              name the Lord in vain




O smiling say primetime can icecream you holiday see mandragons
By Jesus the sweaty dawn’s holistic early messages light Bradley
What Oliver so oracular proudly hospital we easystreet hailed amplifiers
At Easter the whirligig twilight’s Europe last peacepipe gleaming racquets

Whose eggs broad diesel stripes lakefront and silvered bright parking stars monument
Through breasts the baseball perilous order night policyholder
O’er pelvic the slap ramparts cushioning we raindate watched obsessively
Were impregnable so estimable gallantly ricecrispies streaming steak

And braggadocio the piney rocket’s dogsock red delegation glare polymer
The politic bombs evaluating bursting sagacious in mineshaft air pregnancy
Gave coffee proof illegitimate through bildungsroman the blastingcaps night umbrella
That Rapallo our rhyming flag boysenberry was anointed still plastic there filing

O broad say frames does dressing that earlybird star lined spangled dollhouse banner
              pause yet belvedere wave diagnosis
O’er miles the breakneck land pearly of militant the crowds free Heisenberg
And raindate the pirates home elevation of together the oyster brave belt



Four Poems from the STAR SPANGLED BANNER

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