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Fast We Know-

A recording of a reading of the poem


As We Know [is] a collaboration with Andy Fitch that takes the form of a 1960s facing-page agenda (in homage to Robert Creeley’s A Day Book, designed by pop artist Robert Indiana). Engaging the gendered history of editorial correspondence, the project repositions erasure procedures at the origins of (rather than in response to) a published text. Here I have taken Andy’s redacted summer diary and reshaped it through erasure into a kind of collective confessional/constructivist collage that foregrounds the tensions of authorship. Andy and I correspond with and to one another in this new text, and the gaps in our conversation invite the reader to enter. Embracing Roland Barthes’ call for a “corrected banality,” this project reveals the most unmediated-seeming idiom—the diurnal, journalistic record—as itself the consequence of both methodical and whimsical extraction.





Amaranth Borsuk is the author of Handiwork (Slope, 2012), and, together with programmer Brad Bouse, of Between Page and Screen (Siglio, 2012), a book of augmented-reality poems. Her collaboration with Kate Durbin, Abra, recently received an Expanded Artists’ Books grant from the Center for Book and Paper Arts in Chicago and will be issued as an artist’s book and iOS app in 2014. She teaches in the MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics at the University of Washington, Bothell.

Andy Fitch’s most recent book is Pop Poetics: Reframing Joe Brainard. In fall, Ugly Duckling will publish his two collections Sixty Morning Walks and Sixty Morning Talks. For Letter Machine Editions, he currently is assembling, with Cristiana Baik, The Letter Machine Book of Interviews. Fitch teaches in the University of Wyoming’s MFA program and edits Essay press.

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