Five Poems

Saraswati nods to the white man who, after hearing her liberation poems, embroiders “dowry”

Maya challenges you to a staring contest

Mira – as seen – through a triangle – of encircled wrist

Mira seeks to unpuzzle warmth

Echoes of cosmic energy – – – sound thrums & releases end as start of something new





Purvi Shah furthers the art of transformation. She won the inaugural SONY South Asian Excellence Award for Social Service for her work fighting violence against women. Her debut book, Terrain Tracks, garnered the Many Voices Project prize and was nominated for the Asian American Writers’ Workshop Members’ Choice Award. In 2013, she was selected as a Poets House Emerging Poets Fellow and in 2010 she received a Travel & Study Grant from the Jerome Foundation to explore sound vibration in Sanskrit and how sound energy can translate through poetry in English. Her work has also been published in numerous journals and anthologies including DescantDrunken BoatHayden’s Ferry ReviewIndivisibleThe Literary ReviewThe Massachusetts ReviewNimrod, and Weber Studies. You can find more of her work at, or @PurviPoets

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