"Crown Of"

Crown Of


"Of Crown"


Whilom so sweetly sent to

Susurrus and sight-line             curves              apples disavow.
I don’t have a friend first named Jackson

Picks petunias and feeds them to dromedaries.
One in particular bucks a man named Andrew.

A nation         states
                            Insidious calibration.

At an ionosphere he donned designer sunglasses and I deemed
He’d be way cuter with a handful of mint.

The                     best governance is verdure. Danger

Lies deep in a definite article.

One in particular

Rejects kindness erects           a monument      confuses everyone regarding what’s meant
Changes                leaving freshness in its wake.





Adam Strauss has one full-length collection, For Days, out with BlazeVox Press, and
work that appears, among other places, in the anthology The Arcadia Project: North American
Postmodern Pastoral (Ahsahta Press).  As well, he has poems forthcoming in the Jaded Ibis anthology Devouring the Green: The Cyborg Lyric Anthology [Poetry in an Era of Catastrophic Change]. The poems in this issue are from a manuscript titled Braided Sand.

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