Two Excerpts from "Sonnet 86"

2 excerpts from Sonnet 86:

Was it the proud full sail of his great verse,
To occupy a place or position
(in past tense)
the player called upon
to perform an act with specifying
or particularizing effect, as opposed
to the generalizing
force of the indefinite
highly gratifying
feelings of selfesteem.
Containing all that can be held to move
in an effortless way. That
or those belonging to him, large in number:
a succession of metrical
feet written, printed or orally composed.
Bound for the prize of all-too-precious-you,
Having a specified initial
point, magnitude and direction
with the purpose of reaching enough something.
Won, in a lottery or the like.
To indicate the objective
relation as if
by the conspicuous
possession or use of a particular
feature beyond
what is desirable
fitting or right.
Affectedly or excessively
delicate, refined or nice:
the nature or character of the person addressed.

poetryBarzakh Mag