Tulips command bodies, wordmills, stackable clear polypropylene
containers of uterine expulsions
A work:____THE CONTAINER STORE_____________________
A product: tunnel, suburb, steady congenital tree ID, disc suspension
Tulips command bodies
Tulips command this dance dressed as water-borne bacteria
[ where the room is moss and you are a bird ]
[ where you are moss and the room is a mouth ]
[[ where the room is a room is a room ]]
sub-title lapse: Hamlet. 32 16 .4 .6 .8 1.0 1.2
Panels: people:
A Commodity Table nontemporal
4, pp. 163 ff.
19 The English translation of Space
by joe hall + chad hardy

should be an inclusive
stationery gulf
 usurp park ebbed and banalized
language of unlit, as in “sacred life”
organic food spigot
p. 30). Dachau
Petunias efface the poem’s labor and material curve mounding
how When riding the el I temporarily forgot I was in Chicago.
the accumulation of such
fluid shapes as baffle, a screen to cover
stackable modular drawers move as energy which cannot be compared to content
Or content: looking for cheap chemical fertilizer advertisement M1-100
Leading the Inflatable Cartoon field and won high praise
Content: so if you want to lie down or get sick—take a sick day—do it—
Space is a product. [ ]
the clear plastic /
panels keep everything
 visible: Now—as similar disc material coming off
halogen reality throb / predawn cash landlord moment
minus memory: mannequin w/
Of the right posterolateral
Moderate to severe—Kiss your vol. 1. Paris:
Worker, with a thousand rotten heads!
Total 11.7% 3.0% 6.1% 2.2% 23.0%
[ This gentrifying act ]
A work:____THE CONTAINER STORE_____________________
A product:
The University contributes both sanity and laboratory wastes,
a collection of
[push finger in] groin.
buzz cut.
and toy feces kept in an Acrylic 12-Bottle Spice Carousel
the slabs, the foundations, crack rock on
aching tooth, is 130
Vicodin between you a jackhammer and
as usual’
paycheck, a building rising straight from the ground
this communication-network >>> googledocs
stars and galactic “local public agency”
on intrepid travelr shanty a pseudo-urgency
tourist-flirtation glaze
party function of
a vicarious funeral
gusset LED
yew, mildly toxic, causing brief rash or
thorny barberry, tight evergreen
** parks in the area are considered ornamental
boxwood flank the entrances to say use door, enter interior, contribute to
the functionality of /idical
not conducive to active recreation.
“The School of Dreams?
How do we get there? We can’t get there via the city”
[ Some of my best friends are white ] 
a surefire way to instantly create more space is to go “up”
Vertebral Body Alignment: Grossly unremarkable. Bone and Bone Marrow: No
suspicious or aggressive legions. No significant compression deformations.
Intervertebral Discs: Variable degrees of mild desiccation down to C7 with spurring of
C7-T1. There is preservation of disc herniation throughout.

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