Two Poems

from all with ocean views

something stinks heart "Sewage
Concerns Persist: Emerald Development Worries Residents"
by Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno, from
Pacific Daily News, 5.27.08
tumon nobody's taking responsibility sewage "Water
Agency Imposes Moratorium on New Water Hookups" from
Pacific Magazine, 5.23.08
overflow in driveway royal orchid hotel becoming "No More
Development: Sewage Capacity Reaches Capacity in Central Guam,"
by Mar-Vic Cagurangan, from
Marianas Variety, 5.22.08
a nuisance
sewer near water draining system
should rain / sewage spill
“it's my first time here, too, and I see how beautiful it
is here, like the ocean, and it's such a shame to have sewer
problems in such a beautiful place,” "Guam
Sewage System Can't Handle More Waste,'" from
Pacific Magazine, 5.20.08,”
through a translator : "it spoils
(the beauty) I wish they'll take care of this to keep (guam)
beautiful” "Main sewage line at capacity:
Planned condos raise infrastructure concerns,"
by Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno, from
Pacific Daily News, 5.20.08
every hotel
with restaurants have a grease trap system "Tumon set
for a boom in condo construction,"
by Gaynor Dumat-ol Daleno, from
Pacific Daily News, 5.19.08
fats oil and grease from into sewer
lines "Groundbreaking
Held for $100 million Residential Project," from
The Marianas Variety, 5.08.08
“royal orchid
does not maintain or clean their grease
traps” "The Worse is
Yet to Come," by Vicente Garrido, from
The Marianas Variety, 4.22.08
mend the line
however nobody really knows who is
at fault however
determine who owns the line "Guam Struggles
to Find $$$ to fund Island Infrastructure Upgrades," from
Weekly Japan Update, 3.27.08
before we act from fixing private
lines and we can't force them maintain
their grease traps
from the legends of juan malo:
Juan Malo & the Hawaiian Print Shirt

[a malologue]

Guahan is like a smaller version of Maui, with Kona like weather da pepo here are just as
friendly as back in da 'aina, litto bit less outgoing, but still cool 2 da max also dey love dea
land just as much as we love ours, even tho da gov hea is BIG-TIME corrupt, da pepo still
cruz and live life, one shmall-kine funny ting is that some pepo here in da north kinda ack
“mainland” and talk like dey in California, but in da south and da middle, its all good,
Chamorro pride, I LIKE DAT, itz all about da rootz!! Pepo from da south are just like us,
wit dea own version of pidgin (sounds kinda like a mexican accent) and close roots to da
land, some pepo from da north, especially ack “mainland,” made me laugh, but still, GOOD
PEPO all in all, I miss my 'aina, and I'm SOOOO glad I found dis place, hope fo talk story
plenty.....if can, can....if no can.......CAN p.s. If get any che'lu pepo on da page, Hafa adai!!
and yo' place is Sholid!! I LOVE dis place, everybody get good attitude, and da food is
ONO, Chamorro Village every Wednesday cuz!!!! I hope I no piss you off by saying dat da
gov hea is CORRUPT, I give all che'lu MAJAH RESPECT fo' putting up wit dat shit, brah,
how come da pepo gotta put up wit low water pressure and blackouts when da old governor
had his own "mansion", das Shtupid!!! All I see is HARD Working pepo getting cheated by
LoLo politicians. It's like all about "Da Connections". DA LAND FO' DA PEPO!! BIBA

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