Robin Mørk

8″ x 10″ Ink, graphite, and digital

8″ x 10″
Ink, graphite, and digital

Robin Mørk is an illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY.  She earned her B.A. from Smith College and her M.F.A. in Illustration as Visual Essay from the School of Visual Arts. Her illustration work has appeared in print in the literary journal, apt., the SPD Bestseller and Publisher’s Weekly starred collection of short stories, That’s When The Knives Come Down by Dolan Morgan (Aforementioned Productions), and she has designed book covers for Simon & Schuster. She has been featured online at Illustration Age and You can view more of her work at


Robin visited the University at Albany in the Spring of 2019 for the annual Creative Arts Professionalization Colloquium. She joined photography/media artist Danny Goodwin, poet Sam Cha, and New York State Writers Institute director Paul Grondahl for a discussion about art-work-life balance, moderated by Barzakh prose editor Janna Urschel.

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