"Desire After the Elms" & "Making the Music Absent"

Desire After the Elms

Making the Music Absent

Making the Music Absent

invisible tattoos linking in the shade

shred homilies more slowly than pine

cluster neon settings fork templates

caught spooning under harvest table

tableaus renewed as voyeur’s fancy

a raincoat parade in flux or element

refining the incident's gruesome retail

while a hedge header blown to nuance

pretexts a lathered quest for interest

profiting mantra tantrums matrix fury

lecturing ampersand vagaries threaten

the panegyrics lurking near their lodge

inking the praises grown and relayed

overcoats thrashing flashlight bottoms

to pictorial door slams filleted to dash

bone entreaties gone viral on platters

display succulent threadbare tissue

wherever their relay enhances spiral

to vector status vetting a prospective

jackal baited with laughing assets

through headgear placenta banners

lovingly starched to bonnet invective

attracting venue crashes to portals

shored in declension or as reclusive

habitats archly rendered in the pines

willowing offshore branches toward

brittle sectors wishing tadpole glamor

predicated fossil pendants on demand

when markets trample breadline force

against leverage carts ostrich hangers

repel with namesake chargers larger

than cheap emporium swills downed

to hammer thrust a clavicle bedding

around the circular rainbow chant

reddening over the deadened paste

filling flagellant mood ring vapors

with deadening bluster gas covered

lids blew their stack spewed smoke

abundant talkers lit cigars before a

noon whistle stop placates chauffeur

bids posing rectangular on visages

bent forward a trusting gesture vents

apoplectic nuance fibers trailing down

compendium vouchers under slippage

ferns applicable to old forum vendors

bent toward their coldest ambitions

ever forward and forewarned to seal

the whirl of a samovar’s red tornado

declaration to purpose and appealing

momentary settings when forks reply

indignant winds scraping oral shores

where slow implosions pound below

fiber sensibilities as fingered people

arrayed according to charted climate

changes colonial pillars incur daily

spectrum fossil inhabits gossip fill

the long hypotenuse deferred past

memory filters protruding in daylight

shadows bring pectoral nostalgia

to brink the cliff before plummeting

futures divest themselves of tense

or syntactical maneuvers to survive

the fury of patronage stamps rising

over cover clamps left unmentioned

to the sea breeze shoring past fog

bands claiming tonality ultimatums

ease the burn before its montage

refills cataleptic seashore lanterns

then angular fragments accrued

longshoremen unwilling to docket

mustard branch saloon doors veil

in place of a transparent surplus

scaling the vestibule where cattle

honed their tonsil razors for gamut

refill gladiators now brimming over

the side entrance below horizontal

displacement vertigo plasters cast

young models in new bandage suits

mottled furrier replacement tissue

gabardine another velcro noun

jabbering wok and fusion cooking

infused with sedimentary passion

monolithic as charted movement

impaired geothermal bracketing

sewing circles of the raised fourth

counting pearls to swine the herd

or treble near the octave’s keening

gavels searing spectrums at play

with the bare peals soon restored

to aching conundrum foils bred

along modal lines no cleft attains

nor fury melted along pot lines

faulted for their quaking gestures

at cyclical barbecue resorts for felons

grabbing the snatch basket weevil

before fixation bears its ugly stamp

of the chlorophyll memory packets

distilled to clear secretion emblems

from prepositional lingering come

to posture like cackling beneficiaries

in produce cockpits bracketed free

haze regimens for spittle recitation

encumbered ladder flights numbering

sequential barriers lacking the bored

remains wheeling the final signage

of the grappling masters hooked

on anchor data slowly shredded

bookmarks the stage from the back

aspect ratio declaimed admixture

truant as a truculent oblong sprocket

tabulating pocket changes on cue

for renewal packets order delayed

no periphery intended or rendered

innocuous snowflakes incendiary

as nylon ergonomic replay vouchers

beating the seat to padded cushion

where armrests crest unholy grails

for watching see-­‐through trauma

grappling the hooked from savory

plantain baskets left to chew home

from the wars embroiling the fashion

statements against flashing humanity

jacklight pantries or modem tassels

the locket embraced on sex ordeal

managed promptly by schedule hats

worn softly through the darkness

before the romp imbues a brewing

formality to shake its aching claim

to portable garment plaster attics

a starway to the stairs unclimbed

visible suns in a fortnight posture

relegate dragoon-­‐based stalkers

to pigeon climbs beyond the holes

available for blocking taxonomy

threads across their boundaries

platform blood intones to linger

pastry benefits and casualties

grounding all deferential pine fins

sneaking in a prefrontal bender

lobes sparking the electrode voices

grate the leisure delivery serpents

writhing down the phylum line

to genetic surplus retail coding

laid bare as scandal fragments

dissolute didgeridoos in heat

repair placebo rhythms uprooted

patio declaimers turn unaware

from the stale air of grievance

stewed dandy ligaments brown

a pathetic foreboding to break

luggage precursors in stairwell

voids nursing grudge scrotums

a traffic impaled upon thickened

ceremony gravy platoons embed

warlock pantry holdings unglued

seminal recourse button plagues

masterminded buffalo verses

strewn against a lateral wall as tint

haze turned yellow as dismissed

envoy sermons parting secrets

where bevel charts fasten gloats

to the insurgent litigation angles

charting past addenda marches

toward fury under grace and pyre

lavish schedule bandanas chuck

rotisserie dancers an aspiration

a fungal ointment future deferred

composition breeds mushroom data

schedules illicit departure groves

near their ratchet ventilation pimps

groveling fortune to concert tuning

impressionable as any guard rail

against a forearm boss unabashed

along the bruise line’s lingering path

conical when not concealed or used

for storage of the stolen intellectuals

property more borrowed than created

among craftsmen of the human trade

bartering last hope occlusions artfully

imploding permission granite floats

on candle fodder epithets hurtling

past the gloating handlers modeling

their brand a dude ranch on cash bend

where mending dentists find repeal

platelet benders bring vendor binges

renewed concourse grove struggles

peace a product lost to low profit

a loss unloading its victory moats

under the critical headings mounted

over fireplace mantels to gaze darkly

through faces posing empty mirrors

bluffing the hunter’s heart at length

and distance as defensive perception

no safety left unknown however hidden

its strictures the parlor luster clicking

from nodding mobile heads branded

for fracture when causal membranes

accrue loading armor for handles left

untended as an emptied bar stool

raising a clef high to pitch the hurling

dulcimer lines to spread past the lies

that thread melody’s empty background




Vernon Frazer’s most recent books of poetry include T(exto)-V(isual) Poetry and Unsettled Music. Enigmatic Ink has published Frazer’s new novel, Field Reporting. Frazer’s web site is http://www.vernonfrazer.net. Bellicose Warbling, the blog that updates his web page, can be read athttp://bellicosewarbling.blogspot.com/. His work may also be viewed at Scribd.com. In addition to writing poetry and fiction, Frazer also performs his poetry, incorporating text and recitation with animation and musical accompaniment on YouTube. Frazer is married.

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