Laurin DeChae

Laurin DeChae is a PhD candidate in Composition & Rhetoric at SUNY Albany, acting as the editor-in-chief for Barzakh Magazine. She received her MFA in poetry from the University of New Orleans. Her work appears or is forthcoming in Harpur PalateAnimal Literary, Pretty Owl Poetry and elsewhere


Ben Nadler

Ben Nadler is the author of the novel The Sea Beach Line. His other works include the nonfiction monograph Punk in NYC's Lower East Side 1981-1991, and Line & Hook, a collaborative chapbook with the artist Alyssa Berg. He received his MFA from the City College of New York, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in English at SUNY Albany. 

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Victorio Reyes Asili

Victorio Reyes Asili is an activist, poet, essayist and artist living in Albany, New York. His poems have been published in Acentos Review, The Mandala Journal, Pilgrimage Magazine, Mobius, Word Riot, The Pine Hills Review; and the anthologies It Was Written: Poetry Inspired by Hip Hop (2017), and Chorus‒A Literary Mixtapea (2012). His essays can be found at Awst Press and She Breathes. Reyes Asili served as the executive director of The Social Justice Center of Albany for eleven years. He is currently pursuing a PhD in English at the University at Albany.



Nikki Consentino




Kennedy Coyne

Kennedy Coyne was once told by Zadie Smith that she should be a stand-up comedian.



Stacie Klinowski

Stacie Klinowski is a student in SUNY Albany's combined B.A./M.A. program in English. In addition to being a fiction writer herself, Stacie's critical interests include Rhetoric and Composition, disability studies, and twentieth century American literature. She has been a reader for Barzakh since the Fall of 2016. 



Katt Corah-Stefanik 

Katt Corah-Stefanik is at times a poet, author, and artist. They are a proud member of the LGBT community and often write stories that touch upon those experiences. With a background as an editor at the Wells College Chronicle, the campus literary, poetic, and photography magazine, they found a love for editing and publishing. However, the most important thing to note is this: they love their dog, Sir Remington Gnawsalot, a whole lot. And, for that matter, literally every other dog on this 



Nazia Manzoor

Nazia Manzoor is a PhD student in English at the University at Albany. Her students think she's insane
because she makes them perform poetry in composition classes. Her home is always with her. Even
when it's 7,863 miles away.



Yolande Schutter

Yolande is a PhD student in English at the University at Albany. She is a poet, painter, & translator. Her work has appeared in Poems for the Millennium: The University of California Book of North African LiteratureEleven Eleven, Rattapallax, & CELAAN Revue du Centre d’Études des Littératures et des Arts d’Afrique du Nord; she was also co-editor of Marivaudage: théories et pratiques d’un discours. She will never finish her so far decade-long project of translating the complete works of Franco-Algerian poet Jean Sénac.



Kasey Waite

Kasey J. Waite is a PhD student in the Department of English at SUNY Albany. She is a passionate educator, with a focus on narrative theory and novel studies and ultimately student development. 



Erin He

Erin He is the Fall 2017 undergraduate intern.