The End

from THE END

by mIEKAL aND & Maria Damon
photography by Camille Bacos

They continued to live in the house many years after it collapsed. The real secret was how to get inside without disturbing the unbelievable fungus colonizing the exterior. Many secrets, in fact, were encouraged to take root amid decaying crevices in hopes that they might multiply and eventually yield clues from beyond the veil.

Rain down on me, bright lichen, and bring a bright message from the angels of the lyre. There was singing from the bone-harp and thrumming from the finger-twigs, and by and by the house itself shimmied to the sweet strains of the Little Girls’ Spiritual Choir.

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mIEKAL aND lives outside the constraints of academia in the most lush and rural part of the unglaciated Driftless area of southwest Wisconsin. Choosing to focus on creating wilderness and abundance surrounded by the perfect setting for limitless imagination his course of action includes demonstrating alternatives to inbred aesthetics, delighting in the play of DIY culture, and making art and writing that is both anarchic and noisy.

Camille Bacos is a filmmaker that belongs to the new generation of Romanian filmmakers that emerged after the communist regime crashed. She experiments with the images and words to deconstruct meanings and build visual thoughts. She did several collaborations with mIEKAL aND & Maria Damon. She lives in the heartland of US, in an area that was not touch by any “recent” glaciations where she is nurturing grapes, parrots & her spirit.

Maria Damon teaches poetry and poetics at the University of Minnesota. She is the author of two books of poetry scholarship, co-author of five books of poetry (with mIEKAL aND and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen), and co-editor, with Ira Livingston, of Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader.

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