Two Poems

My Body Is Like A Doughnut

My body is like a doughnut.
A remote controlled vessel

with x-ray eyes, fiber optic cameras,
little beans in my retinas,

microwave hearing,
cell phone fillings.

My body is like a rum chocolate soufflé.
My body is like a drifting cloud

or bird’s nest that’s fallen to the ground.
Sometimes I feel like my body is like seaweed.

Electrical storm, sponge, potion, Shepherds tent
A pallid decomposing leaf.

Tree trunk. Symphony. Clock.
My body is like a fucking cemetery.

A worn-out cart held together by leather straps.
A preliminary sketch. Leaking radiator.

My body is like a fine wine.
Or a particularly smelly cheese.

My body is like a Spring wind.
Piano. Bell. My body is a message to you.

Who am I kidding? My body is like
a sleazy roadhouse bar, and I treat it like one.

My body is like a spider
broken into 8 parts.

Every itsy-bitsy cell in my body
is like a bubble of champagne.

Who Do You Think I Am?

Who do you think I am—
a star in a 1998 Hong Kong martial arts action film?

At night you can hear the animals
but you can’t see them.

Who am I at night?
Why am I like this?

martyred by depression
like my own hired killer
amnesia the next day
starring nobody rated R
for the sake of Christ then
why am I never content?

You can’t download me.
Can’t rapidshare me.

A theosophist in space I guess you could say
the watered down version of blue sky
anonymous proxy
can you hear me

look in the mirror
do you see me?

Have I had an original thought my whole life?

My name is Philippe Martin.
I live in France. I’ve been married to Katia since 1980 and
we have one daughter.
I am Bill, a senior in high school
gentile justice seeker & Egyptian exhibit mocker
just an average Midwestern lady without a PhD
in a back office.

My head knocks against the stars.
I am like a green olive tree in the house of God
The alpha You. The omega You.

I am weaver, a lizard
a pampered passenger
I am like a slip of comet
not by Gerard Manley Hopkins
Are you like a staple remover?

My name is Denise’s friend.
Who am I? Captain Captain
my name is not a url
My name is Yu Ming
My name is Khan
My name is Dick Sweet
My name is just how big can a little girl dream.
My name is memory, barns, borders, amazon, kindle & nook.
My name is wool.
I multitask.
you can ask me anything.
Hi my name is Christina
a benevolent Asperger’s sufferer.
I’m a Shih-Tzu toy poodle and my name is Oliver.
My name is Amelia.
I’d catch a grenade for you.
My name is 201,000,000 results in .17 seconds.
I am everything you love except
three days ago I died.

poetryBarzakh Mag