Selected Poems

When the Noon Wears Ermine
for Lori Anderson Moseman
Anne Gorrick

Loons both minor and solemnise a lake
rooms filled with linesmen
a noon seen as nemesis or sin
The senile noon
Rosin irons her mermaid remorse
Sermons in their slim neons snore
Morose Romeos tucked into their linen envelopes
Monomers + ions + omens
They REM like monsoons
Misnomers simmer like memoirs
“There is a roominess to the moonrise”
Lemons and melons complete their lessons
Sirens nosier than moons
Nouns unloosened like ermine
A leonine sea
immense with its loss
lessens and reels
Her Lilac Ovals Roam
for Irma Vallecillo
Anne Gorrick
She is lacrimal
Caviar and avarice
caramels ill in oil
A caravel filled with callas and sailing
More vireos than relics or cellos
carve + crave = cream
There is crime in her voice
The amoral alarm fills a viol
The caviller reclaims her own malice: the unmiracle
A lacier villa stocked with eclairs
Her clavier rivals an oracle
Her viola played in the cellar
Her camel oral in its “voilas”
Her cilia coeval to Ravel
Olive marl emailed (like flight) as an oriole (or oriel)
Her coal clamors toward coral
Clover grows over viral cells
A carol sung by an elm

His Isosceles Tell-All
for Scott Helmes
Anne Gorrick

The cheesiest in their sliest molt
Elms toll, millet tossed
Islets, stiles, time, tiles
Items moist in their omissions
Stilting around motels
Her leech stole, like a totem, a motet
Her slot lilts and tills
His mottles title and moll
chisel and emote/ chime and itch/ lime and teem
Theists emcee their listless hellos
tithe and still and thole
Helots in their hostels
lichee stemless mettle tstse schmiel
Steel and sloe in sleet
Helices and chemise: “The timeless are messiest.”
Omelets and little homeless schemes
Elite echoes title and etch
Chess and shell, solecise, select clothes
the chile elect chill in esteem
His work is the seemliest mistletoe hung by a chemist
Jollity Jointly
for BJ and LC
Credibly colorblind
the jolt of jelly objects
tribal idler
corbel and/or crib
A doll in a jitney
covered in lye, riled
The lily tidily enjoyed
In jellyroll bedroll lyric
The color icily in blonde
bone debt
birds injected with libel
Her brine byline
His belly filled with beryl
Her Ceylon bridle
Carbine abjectly
brilliancy, balcony
cobalt and bacon, carbon and crab
His balloons, her billiards
Jaybird for a bridal
a rabid brainy braille

Kinky Vinyl
For Kimberly Lyons and Vyt Bakaitis
Anne Gorrick

Brisket synonyms
A nimble and knotty Troy’s brimless story
Snotty and inky timbrels
A smirk
and then blistery and brittle nylons
Her liberty brines and milks
Brevity knits in smoke and skinny in somber tints
Lobsters inked in their understorms
A stylist on stilts mostly tinny, mostly stork
It is insensibly risky to be visible
 snort and tryst
Ivy minks at her toys, blinkers at a minty and tiny sky
Monks ski in stony mists, the sin in their volts
Iris slink into a dark spring kiln
Their libel billets at her skirts, his iconic limbs and their bylines
Broken temblors
berm and entomb
Trim and trot

Cankering or Creaking?
an auto-name-ography
Anne Gorrick

It’s impossible to tell
Is it ore or roe?
She is an arc, a race against the cranking ignore
Rancor is the always the region around the cork
Her earrings rustle against her neck:
 summer roan
their rock-like money, angry
Orange conks eat their way into trees
Conk or conch? All of a soup
Earnings based on coke reran against her
like organs, like argon
An encoring cringe
an ark, a reckoning grin
a corner king
Rink or cage?
The grace in ink, cake, gin
Cranes lustered in nacre
their skies
arc-ed and racking
The conga in cargo: iron, neon, none
Meet me at that cairn of acorns
Anger nicked in corn?
Her ears a rare nag organ
There are rags and gar in the rain
For the day when he will be kinder
in his ranking of the icons

A Gardener’s Rearranged Sun
For Saren Goldner
Anne Gorrick

In roan regrade and grease / a sarong made of lead
Arsenals in golden arrears / enraged
Regaled with arson / solar and oral
The way she agrees with the sun
the way a grenade learns
A slanderer’s orange
androgen reason
adrenal greens
gonadal sneer
and gleaned
and deranged
solar and oral
Snags relearned
Regaled with arson
Her oleander dangles
Garlands and sandals/ radar algae galena / Analog gala / deer among the reeds / ensnared

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