Solace (for Sue)

We watch the roaming moon in darkened sky –
that taunting, sunlit face with hidden side –
while wondering what else we cannot see

Our clanging timescape chimes for us – 
for us alone – while others hear their own –
encased in kernels we can't sense beyond
and so we pass and signal one to one
our small dimensions nudging quickly by
through folding distances and debris

Physicists marvel, disagree;
so what are we to think as we
remember love, which can't be atomized

Kathleen Dunn De Mers lives in upstate New York and enjoys biking, kayaking, and writing in the beautiful Adirondacks. She has taught middle school and college, given driver tests, written computer documentation and user manuals, and developed websites for 15 years. Her work has appeared in Kairos, English Journal, and Flashquake.

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