ANTIQUE is a conceptual project about the distortion of beauty that we may see in ourselves when influenced by fashions and what surrounds us. In our society, people usually give too much importance to the physical or body awareness. It is said to be the key to get success in life. This pressure often affects the perception we look at us, to the extent we might perceive ourselves in a worse manner than we really are. This series is formed by black & white blurred portraits. The photographs mix street photography, fashion and surrealist art.

Based in Spain, photographer David Rodríguez has always been attracted to the art world with his love of photography starting in 2013. He bought his first reflex camera and began his training through courses and self-teaching. His fascination lies in photographing people with risky compositions and an element of surrealism. He remains inspired by works from Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld and Guy Bourdin. Rodríguez prefers creating imaginary concepts and stories not grounded in reality, allowing him to transform his surroundings and challenge the model with unusual situations. The use of his photography techniques, whether high speed, long exposure or something else, is determined by the conceptual preconception he has in mind.


Barzakh Mag