Amaranth Borsuk and Andy Fitch - from As We Know & fast We Know

from As We Know


Fast We Know-

A recording of a reading of the poem


As We Know [is] a collaboration with Andy Fitch that takes the form of a 1960s facing-page agenda (in homage to Robert Creeley’s A Day Book, designed by pop artist Robert Indiana). Engaging the gendered history of editorial correspondence, the project repositions erasure procedures at the origins of (rather than in response to) a published text. Here I have taken Andy’s redacted summer diary and reshaped it through erasure into a kind of collective confessional/constructivist collage that foregrounds the tensions of authorship. Andy and I correspond with and to one another in this new text, and the gaps in our conversation invite the reader to enter. Embracing Roland Barthes’ call for a “corrected banality,” this project reveals the most unmediated-seeming idiom—the diurnal, journalistic record—as itself the consequence of both methodical and whimsical extraction.

Amaranth Borsuk